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Deep Dive

The facts are straight forward: around 80% of candidates don’t have an active LinkedIn profile. Globally, the World Bank puts the available workforce at roughly 3.453 Billion people. This means that at most, less than 17% of professionals are on LinkedIn. Taking into consideration the fact that many profiles on LinkedIn are fake, duplicated, or represent people outside the workforce (including students and retirees), the estimate could be closer to 15%. David Galley of Boolean Strings wrote a recent post about these data points. It was an eye opening moment for me – simply put, there are a lot of candidates that we’re missing out on.

Just think for a second– in the past few years what has been your main resource for finding candidates online? I’m sure you’re like most Recruiters who utilize LinkedIn or a job board. Have we’ve all gotten lazy with sourcing these days? Honestly, I would say our industry has. We want a simple end-all solution for finding candidates and LinkedIn has become the main talent pool for most Recruiters and Sourcers.

Facebook is the new LinkedIn

Facebook is the largest social network across the globe thanks to many acquisitions like WhatsApp and Instagram. There are roughly 1.73 Billion monthly active users on Facebook. If Facebook is not part of your daily sourcing routine, you need to start using it now. Maybe you’re like me and don’t feel comfortable using your personal profile when sourcing. No problem– just create a professional recruiter profile. When you connect with users, odds are they have an email or cell phone connected to their account. I’ve written several posts on scraping Facebook, here are some reviews of tools that help you do that: Dig Extension, ZAPinfo, Toolkit for FB, and FB Audience Blaster.

Scraping data is the wild west of talent sourcing. We’re just taping into this resource. There’s virtually an endless amount of personal data on Facebook. Recruiters and Sourcers can use this to create a new pool of candidates. 

Final Thoughts

We all need to get more creative with our sourcing efforts. Don’t just rely on job boards or LinkedIn recruiter anymore– you will end up reaching out to the same pool of candidates your competition has already reached out to. I challenge you to explore other social networks like Facebook. There’s a huge pool of candidates that are active on this network. It’s time for all of us to step up our game in sourcing outside of LinkedIn.