Job Descriptions

  Dear job description enthusiast! I’ve been studying job descriptions for 15+ years and below is a summary of the most important things I know. If you’d like to suggest changes to it, please email me and my team at (make sure to include both the information and the source of it). I will…

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Compare the Top HRM Software (Human Resource Management)

Human resource management software is designed to automate workflows in the human resources area. This includes payroll, compliance, transactions, and various other HR duties. Rather than use different spreadsheets for various operations, all information is seamlessly organized in a single, centralized area. While the benefits of HRM software may seem clear to larger corporations, it’s…

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What Recruiters Don’t Get About AI

▼HR Mistakes in the Age of Big Data (Part 2)▼Images Hyperlinked [embedded content] MISCELLANEOUS WRITINGS | 2017 EDITION | VOLUME 95 

 We’re often told: “Change is inevitable.” But nobody warns us about stupid rules, unnecessary friction plus unchecked biases in a hiring process increasingly layered with time-consuming data and tech we can’t even protect.…

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